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Luxurious and elegant time like looking at a crumbling jewel

The supreme luxury is “enjoying leisure time”.
EASTADO’s clothing is wisdom and promises sweet events. An elegant and comfortable
space surrounded by dazzling golden light . We will help you to make your customers happy



A temple for adults where the chosen sages gather

Estado means “nation” in Spanish.
Originating from the end of the 18th century, the place where artists from all over the world who led the new wave of art gathered was called a “temple”. The time spent gathering and talking with men and women of all ages and the “beautiful words” that were born there became poetry, and the new encounters empathized and influenced, and were passed down to future generations. “Good things don’t change”…
We will produce meaningful time and inevitable “valuable encounters” for adults who aim for higher values ​​and heights that transcend generations.


guest room

When you open the door to the finest, “8 rooms” that create an elegant time will appear. From silverware to sofas, we pursue functional beauty design. You can enjoy a blissful relaxation time like an oasis that suddenly appeared in the city with warm light and profound feeling. In each room of the Grand Suite, you can create your own style according to your wishes. As a “hideaway” where you can enjoy a special time with your loved ones from a grand party time with a large number of people, we have prepared a meeting room and a wide variety of services that sometimes lubricate business. Our dedicated concierge will welcome you wholeheartedly.

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For “food” that satisfies the primitive instincts of human beings, carefully selected
ingredients that mainly use the blessings of nature and creative cuisine that stimulates the five senses with an awareness of the four seasons, as well as carefully selected items that balance “food and health”. We offer a large number of dishes prepared by first-class chefs with a focus on creating a “rich mind” and “beautiful body”. (Meals can also be prepared according to the customer’s taste and request)

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Our proud sommelier will suggest “sacred sake = wine” that goes well with your meal. We offer a wide variety of wines, including Chablis, which can be casually tried by many people, Opus One, which was named by Baron Rothschild, and Chateau Mouton Roeschild, which is synonymous with the world’s greatest Bordeaux wine. In addition, we promise a blissful moment to create a special day, from original cocktails tailored to the customer’s tastes by skilled bartenders, western liquors limited to production areas, to domestic sake.

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package plan

At ESTADO, we offer various package plans that meet the needs of our customers, such as “I want to leave everything to you” and “I want to create a special performance…” with the theme of “eat, relax, and play comfortably”. We will propose advantageous contents according to
the purpose and budget, including various events such as anniversaries / birthday parties / Christmas . Please feel free to contact our concierge.

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